Paolo Casanova

The entire brand was created for a well-known chef operating in Switzerland, from the logo to signs for his restaurants to product labels. The pictogram is based on the initials of the first and last name, a C and a P one inside the other using for the C the font used for the logotype while the p was specially designed to fit best into the semicircle created by the C.

The pictogram can also be used alone without the logotype. The logotype is created using the Arboria font, a clean and very harmonious graceless font. The distance between the characters has been specially increased to make the logotype more readable and elegant. The logotype can also be used alone without the pictogram.

Two font families were chosen for the brand, the first is a sans serif called Andesneue in the Medium and extralight versions, while for the labels an ornamental font, Beloved Sans, was chosen, which has many glyphs that add an extra layer for the possibilities offered in the choice of initial or final letters.

Finally, the basic colors are yellow ochre plus black and white with additional contrasting colors such as purple and lobster that can be used for labels and other communication material such as posts for social networks.