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Graphic Design +

For your communication design, you can choose to be anonymous or research and show your true personality. Which do you prefer?

Branding +

The logo is the face of a company, but then there is its personality that needs to be developed in all areas. Less is more, this is our philosophy and style

Video & film +

Telling your story with a video is the best way to create a connection with your audience who will appreciate the sincerity

Web3 2, 1 +

Being on the web, social and app is a necessity to reach everyone where they already are and will be in the future. You wouldn't want to hide from their view, would you?

Making what is difficult seem simple

Thinking, writing and designing stories for your business is only part of what we do. Combining art and technology has always been at the heart of how we work. We can help explain things still mysterious to so many such as AI, blockchain, Web3 and cryptocurrencies

Graphic Design
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We are part of Ex Machina

For over 18 years, Ex Machina has been driving innovation in software development with its team of experienced Java developers, AI, software engineers and blockchain specialists. Working with global companies and public agencies with complex, cutting-edge applications in Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland and beyond